General Surgeon


He is a specialistic doctor in the diseases or anatomical alterations that are solved by means of specific surgical procedures for each case.

The General Surgeon requires for his formation of ample and complete training to establish diagnosis and the specific doctor-surgical treatment, as well as to have the capacity to solve complications that could appear like consequence of the disease or the procedure surgical applied to the young, adult or old patients. Its preparation is carried out by means of an intensive and rigorous postrado course of within a hospital, with a minimum duration of three years and Maxima of five years after to have obtained the medicine degree general.

When finalizing the specialization in General Surgery, the General Surgeon that therefore wish, usually spend it some years more in subspecializing in some specific branch of the surgery like the Pediátrica Surgery, Neurosurgery, Vascular or Cardiovascular Surgery, etc. What characterizes the General Surgeon? The General Surgeon widely is enabled stops to study and to treat the patient whose physical health only can be obtained by means of an intervention surgical, or because the farmacoterapia is not sufficient, because an urgency is taken care of, because it corrects a congenital or acquired morphologic alteration or because one is to eliminate or to limit a benign neoformation or vitiates. In collaboration with other specialists, also it takes care of patients with a diagnosis difficult to establish. It supports his previous diagnosis to the surgery with laboratory examinations, and cabinet like auxiliary diagnoses that are specific, always looking for the smaller costs possible for the patient. Whom it takes care of the Surgeon General? In general to any patient whose treatment programmed or of urgency it only can be solved by means of surgery. According to his specialistic professional formation as in General Surgery it can take care of patients of both old sexes, young people, adults and, traumatizados, cardiologists, etc., and in some young cases. Which is the work of the General Surgeon? As all doctor must have to diagnose, to prevent and to treat the diseases. He is enabled to take care of any type of patient whose diagnosis and treatment are definitively surgical. Very frequently he is called to collaborate with others specialistic doctors, to make tests you diagnose specialized that they require of surgical maneuvers or, to establish the complementary treatment of the farmacoterapia and this way to consolidate the treatment and reestablishment of the patients.