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Doctor Jose Luis Leaño Razo is a many - sided person , in addition to being all an authority in the Medical Area, since it counts on a professional formation of origin in the University of Guadalajara and with specialties in different institutions.

He is General Surgeon and widely it is enabled stops to study and to treat the patients whose physical health only can be obtained by means of an intervention surgical, or because the farmacoterapia is not sufficient, because an urgency is taken care of, because it corrects a congenital or acquired morphologic alteration or because one is to eliminate or to limit a benign neoformation or vitiates.

He is Endoscópista Surgeon, endoscopía consists of exploration of the interior of the digestive system with use of flexible an optical fiber tube “by telescope” constructed and call endoscopio.

He is Specialistic in Medicine of Urgency, the doctor urgenciólogo is that that makes the recognition immediate, initial exploration, treatment and disposition of a population of different patients in answer a an acute disease or injury.

Leaño clinic. The Cynical Leaño is a deprived society of Doctors surgeons who serve warm and professional, are located in the zone center of Tijuana

He is Educating Sexólogo, the Sexual education is: “ integration of the physical, emotional aspects, social intellectuals and of a sexual being, ways positively enriching and that they heighten personality, the communication and the love… all people have the right to receive information on the sexuality and to consider the acceptance of the relations sexual as much by pleasing as with procreation aims”.

He is Speaker Commentator. The Dr Jose Luis Leaño leads the program Orgasmo 1310 She is Lecturer the International, the Dr Jose Luis Leaño is a very different lecturer, since his techniques of education is really likeable and motivantes. Each one of its conferences becomes a spectacle worthy to see. Through amused stories and anecdotes it takes for that reason way to us of education.

Psicoterapeuta Gestalt

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